Rib Mostro 7.80 (2022)

2022 model, Rib Mostro is our newest addition to our fleet. Wind in your face. The exhilaration you feel throttling out of the hole. Rib Mostro is more than just a speedboat. It’s freedom, family, and incomparable fun. Confident, stable performance ensure your time at the helm is always enjoyable.

Fits up to 8 passengers!

Boat license needed

15 Apr – 14 July   €280

15 July – 31 Aug  €330

1 Sep – 31 Oct   €280


*Discount applicable on multiple renting days.



Enjoy an awesome boat trip with your friends or family, from Sivota Bay to:

  1. Meganisi Island
  2. Kastos Island
  3. Kalamos Island
  4. Atokos Island
  5. Ithaca
  6. Kefalonia
  7. Porto Katsiki beach
  8. Egremni beach
  9. Round of Lefkada


This boat includes:

  • Suzuki 250hp engine
  • Yamaha 15hp spare engine
  • GPS tracker
  • Radio CD
  • Sound system with bluetooth and usb
  • Navigation system
  • Tent
  • Leather pillows
  • Refrigerator (ice-water-beers and juices)


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