Poseidon 5.00

It is the ideal boat to spend a day at sea with friends or family. You will enjoy your day, under the Greek sun, swimming, having fun and discovering the beautiful and enchanting places of Lefkada.

Fits up to 6 passengers!

No license needed

1 May – 14 July   €100

15 July – 31 Aug   €120

1 Sep – 31 Oct   €100


*Discount applicable on multiple renting days.



Enjoy an awesome boat trip with your friends or family, from Sivota Bay to:

  1. Meganisi Island (Papanikolis cave – Spartochori – Vathi)
  2. Skorpios Island (Once owned by Aristotelis Onassis)
  3. Sparti Island (Also owned by Aristotelis Onassis)
  4. Lefkada Island (Nidri – Desimi beach – Mikros gialos beach)


This boat includes:

  • Mercury 30hp engine
  • Life jackets
  • Tent
  • Leather pillows
  • GPS navigation
  • Refrigerator (ice-water)


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