Nireus 4.55

With a high speed hull and a width of 2.00 meters it makes it one of the top of the market.

Comfortable interior with many storage spaces, a central console that is placed in the stern or in the middle of the boat, 455 is a basic choice for fishing and pleasure rides. It is capable of moving very satisfactorily with an engine that does not require any driving license.

Fits up to 4 passengers!

No license needed

1 May – 14 July   €70

15 July – 31 Aug   €80

1 Sep – 30 Oct   €70


*Discount applicable on multiple renting days.



Enjoy an awesome boat trip with your friends or family, from Sivota Bay to:

  1. Meganisi Island (Papanikolis cave – Spartochori – Vathi)
  2. Skorpios Island (Once owned by Aristotelis Onassis)
  3. Sparti Island (Also owned by Aristotelis Onassis)
  4. Lefkada Island (Nidri – Desimi beach – Mikros gialos beach)


This boat includes:

  • Mercury 30hp engine
  • Life jackets
  • Tent
  • Leather pillows
  • GPS navigation
  • Refrigerator (ice-water)


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